Digital cable Cw-2/2

Cross section of conductors - 2x1.0 mm┬▓ Ag

Digital cable with symmetrical structure consisting of 2 veins, each of which has the 13 polished silver wires ├ś 0.32 with 99.999 (5 N) standard in the Teflon insulation and air space geometrically created as a result of belting with Teflon PTFE tape. The screen is a silver-plated braid OFC/Ag. Cables are packed in the RCA and connections are made Argentum alloy (Sn/Ag 8%) The outer shell is steelon blue braid with tree black interlaces, what is characteristic of this cable.

For each digital cable is included about 1.5 cm cable sample.

>> Cables need to be burnt-in for 20 hours <<

Kabel sygnałowy (interkonekt) SCG-4/4