Signal cable SCG-6/4E Gold
Exclusive series

Cross section of conductors – 4x1.5 (2x3.0) mm² Ag – mono

Signal cable with symmetrical structure consisting of 4 veins (conductors) in a Star-Quad system (four stars), each of which has the seven polished silver wires Ø 0.55 with 99.999 (5 N) standard. Insulation of the first contact to the conductive beam is Teflon and air space geometrically created as a result of belting with Teflon PTFE tape. "Star-Quad" conducting system creates an electromagnetic field interactions, so that the internal crosstalk is reduced. The cable has triple hybrid shielding, which is an aluminum polyester film sputtered Al/PE 12/48 (Mylar), gold-plated OFC copper braid and a very tight chrome-nickel braid Cr/Ni. Due to the shielding of the cable is polarized. It is recommended to connect to the source (e.g. CD) from the engraved inscription "Argentum" on the RCA plug. The shielding system provides a high degree of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ensures excellent resistance to disturbances caused by the EM and RF wave propagation. The cable is equipped with a STOPWATCH that dampens vibrations and reduces the microphone effect and eliminates static electricity. Cables are packed in the RCA plugs and for the signal at the XLR balanced mode. The outer shell is natural black leather belted gold tinsel.

For each interconnect is included about 1.5 cm cable sample.

>> Cables need to be burnt-in for 30 hours <<

Interconnect's polarization