Signal cable gramophone Sg-0.2/2

Cross section of conductor - 4x0.2 (2x0.4) mm² Ag – mono

Gramophone signal cable with symmetrical structure consisting of 4 veins (conductors) in a Star-Quad system (four stars), each of which has the 3 polished silver wires Ø 0.32 with 99.999 (5 N) standard in the PE isolation and the airspace. "Star-Quad" conducting system creates an electromagnetic field interactions, so that the internal crosstalk is reduced. The cable has a shielding with tinned OFC braid and grounding wire with copper conductor. Cable are packed in the RCA plugs and junctions are made of an Argentum alloy (Sn/Ag 8% silver). The outer shell is black polyester braid.


For each interconnect is included about 1.5 cm cable sample.


>> Cables need to be burnt-in for 30 hours <<


Kabel sygnałowy (interkonekt) SCG-4/4


Interconnect's polarization